Etsy Shop

We love our Etsy store!

It’s the perfect venue for presenting special packages that we dream up every so often! These packages are not available in our North Woods Food Factory store, so if you want these combinations, buy them from Etsy!

Now for the details…

Check out these pictures of the special packages we have for sale at the moment. Nice for gifts, and, yes, you can order a gift for yourself!

If you see something that appeals to you, click on the Etsy link to be taken directly to our Etsy store where Etsy will walk you through purchasing it through their sales app, as per our agreement with them. For your convenience, here’s the link:


A banana bread lover’s delight.



Five loaves of fudge-filled banana bread. Two traditional banana bread, one has chocolate and the other had vanilla fudge inside. Plus one chocolate-flavored banana bread with chocolate fudge inside. (Our chocolate-lovers special.) Add one maraschino-flavored loaf of banana bread with chocolate fudge inside and one raspberry-flavored loaf of banana bread with chocolate fudge inside. And there you have it. A banana bread lovers dream treat.


A ‘two-fer’ package to enjoy two each of three special treats in one order.




Two loaves of traditional banana bread, one with vanilla fudge inside and one with chocolate fudge inside. Two cones of cinnamon nuts, one of almonds and one of cashews. Two party packs of fudge, each containing an assortment of four flavors of fudge. That’s eight pieces of fudge in all, one pound total, with each individually wrapped and ready for a party!