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Baily is the official mascot of NWFF. She’s had some problems with her hind legs. Torn ACLs. A couple years ago she had injections for the right rear leg and it they worked wonders. Now she’s having the same problem with her left rear leg. So back to the vet’s for injections for the left leg and there will be months of physical therapy. But the vet says she’s doing great. Whew!
In the meantime, Robert is carrying her up and down stairs because she can’t do it herself yet. She’s doing fine. He’s ready for a visit to the chiropractor!


We are kinda — sorta — almost — maybe — getting a handle on how to run a business during a pandemic. We figure that eventually we’ll know what we’re doing.

In the meantime, we’ll be at Farmers’ Markets and other smaller, outdoor venues where we’ll be so happy to once again meet and greet old friends and new.

Because it’s a strange spring, indeed, without shows, conversations, weather that can range from snow to so hot we start removing layers, from sunshine to rain to wind to hail. Believe it or not, we miss all that. Odd, huh? But weather is part of our business and we’ve come to enjoy the changes it brings. (Except tornadoes. We don’t like tornadoes.) And people are a lot of why we are in this business.

And we’re chugging along on getting this website reconfigured so we can sell directly from it. Right here! From the comfort of your own home! Whenever you want! Yes, it’s taking longer than we expected but that’s because we’re making sure it’s done right. When our treats are purchased, you’ll know the transaction is safe, legitimate, and honest.

Whew! That’s a lot. But that’s us in this strange, new world.



Oh my goodness! When we started along the path to creating a pathway for customers to purchase our treats directly from this website, we didn’t know how complex the mechanisms would be that would get them what they wanted. If we had, would we have done it? Yes, but we’d not have dashed into the online sales world quite so cheerfully!

It’s been an education. And a frustrating experience. And an exhilarating one.

The good news, however, is that we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is, the neat list of products and prices that customers can click on and magically order whatever their heart desires to be packed carefully and sent on their merry way.

In other words, you wonderful customers, it’s coming. It’s really, actually, coming!!!



The world has changed.

A month ago we were looking forward to going to numerous events. Now we’re looking forward to a summer of staying home, staying safe and self-quarantines. It’s for the best, but we’re just coming out of the initial shock of the swiftness of the unfolding of this new world.

We know one thing, though. We will get NWFF treats to customers one way or another. Online sales are a wonderful venue that we’ve always intended to initiate but never had the time to get going.

Now we have that time.

Soon you’ll be able to order and pay for your NWFF treats right here on this website. We’re working on the details. Don’t know how long it’ll be before it’ll be up and running but it looks like it’ll be days instead of weeks.

So keep checking back and know that our facility is state licensed and inspected and that we follow all health procedures!


March is here and with spring in the forecast, things are picking up. We have three shows so far this month. Don’t know if there will be a fourth, but there might be.

The first is in Grand Rapids on the first weekend of March. It’s the Home Show.

The second in Park Rapids on the second weekend, at the Spring Fling at Century School.

The third is in Fargo on the third weekend, the bike show.

Check our Facebook page for more specifics. Hope to see you at all three or whichever you can attend!


Going to be at the Spring Fling in Park Rapids on Saturday, March 14 from 9AM to 2PM at Century School. The show last November was fabulous and expect this spring show to be just as excellent.

See you there!

Not sure how this particular link works, but it’s what the Spring Fling said to copy and paste so I hope it works!


When we were at one of the several Twin Cities medical centers several years ago, I was told that they’d recently hired a think tank to help them become more efficient. The think tank concluded that the single most important person there was the person who directed people to their appointments because, without knowing where to go in that huge, confusing place, it wouldn’t matter how many brilliant doctors were available if they couldn’t connect with their patients to care for them.

We recently learned how true it is that sometimes the most important person in the world isn’t the one with the most degrees but, rather, with the most essential information at the moment. Like the wonderful, competent heating guys who came ASAP when the temperature was way below zero and got our heating system back up and running and who are now going to fix it so it won’t conk out again.

Kudos to every-day, all-around, competent people who keep the world turning.



It’s been fun. It’s fun every year, that time between Christmas and spring, because that’s the time of year — and the  only time of year — that things are slow at the North Woods Food Factory.

So we’ve been enjoying it to the max. Watching TV. Reading books. Listening to books on tape. Catching up with old friends and making new ones.

But February is here and, though it’s still winter and things are still slow, we can see the busy season approaching. This was brought home to us because tomorrow, Wednesday, February 12, Robert heads to Duluth for the annual Boat Show that’s inside because all shows in the winter are inside.

Yes, there are a few winter shows and we attend some of them and right now things are happening in the kitchen that’s been empty for a while.

Then there will be another space of time during which we can relax but this is a reminder that spring will come sooner than we expect and we’d better start thinking of business. Fudge. Fudge-filled banana bread. Cinnamon nuts.

And get to work



Bailey is a very nice dog. If anything she’s a bit too sensitive to the feelings of people around her. Someone once said she’d make a great therapy dog.

Well, Bailey watched the Super Bowl with us. Except she’s not that much into football. Doesn’t understand the finer points of the game.

So when her people groaned loudly or cheered even louder while jumping up and down and generally making a lot of nose, she was concerned.

She whimpered. She went up to her people to ask what was wrong. She put her chin on their laps so whatever was bothering them wouldn’t be so bad.

She was very glad when the game ended because then — and only then — did her people settle down and her home become once again the place of serenity she’s used to.



We aren’t all perfect. Really! Truly! Believe it or not!

Let’s start at the beginning—-

We sell fudge and fudge-filled banana bread. That requires talking to people, something that we love to do and — not bragging but it’s the truth — are fairly good at.

That’s normally a good thing.

But not always. Such as when politics rears it’s ugly head.

The thing is, we love our family, so when family discussions turn to politics, like many experienced speakers, we try to shut up in the name of family love and unity.

It’s for the best because, where politics is concerned, sometimes silence truly is golden.

So we try.  Sometimes we actually succeed.

What about you? What do you do — or don’t do — that’s really, really hard but that you try to do anyway because — well — just because?


It’s coming sooner than you think!

Valentines’ Day!

The day for love and friends and family and everything else good.

The perfect day for some  NWFF fudge and fudge-filled banana bread.

You know you’ll love it and anyone who receives a gift from North Woods Food Factory will love that gift just as much.

Because everything from NWFF is made with love.  And expertise!



BFFs are the greatest. They are honest even when you don’t want them to be and it’s okay because you know that they have your best interests at heart.

We here at NWFFOnline know and love BFFs and we meet them every day at events around Minnesota and surrounding states and we hear from them through our website and Facebook and Twitter.

We love the comments our BFFs make about both us and our treats. Keep them up, guys!

And we love the suggestions they make for other, equally mouth-watering treats we might make in the future.

Some day, when life slows down — hey, maybe it’ll happen! — we’ll go back to the myriad of suggestions they’ve made and see which can be implemented.

In the meantime, we have lots and lots and lots of fudge, fudge-filled banana bread and cinnamon nuts to keep everyone satisfied and coming back for more.

So thanks, all you BFFs and we look forward to seeing you at future shows.



I’m not in the picture above because I was taking the picture. But as soon as I was done, I scurried back to my place behind the counter. Because that’s where I spend Wednesday and Saturday mornings in the summer. Behind that counter. Selling fudge, fudge-filled banana bread and cinnamon nuts.

It’s a family business and I help out. Because I’m old enough to be retired, every winter when things are slow I’m asked how much I want to be involved with the business if at all.

I always say I’LL be happy to sell in the local farmers’ market and any other local venues, especially if they are outside.

Because selling at a farmers’ market or elsewhere in the spring, summer and autumn is sitting outside in lovely weather meeting and talking with people I know and people I haven’t met before but who are as interesting and as nice as current acquaintances.

Yes, I have to set up that canopy and fill the space with things to sell. Yes, some of those things are heavy. And yes, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. But there are weights to keep the canopy from blowing away in a nasty wind and it’s tied to the iron fence behind me for added security. And I always keep a warm coat handy because this is northern Minnesota.

Then I enjoy a day outside with friends.