Who are we?

We are the Northwoods Food Factory and here in the north woods of Minnesota, we create some of the most delectable artisan desserts and we do it the old-fashioned way. By hand. In our kitchen. In small batches. With love and care and pride. We create desserts that become the finishing touch to gourmet meals. We also fill gift boxes with individually chosen treats for every occasion imaginable, shipped or hand delivered locally.

We’ve been doing this for family, friends, and co-workers for holidays and other special occasions for years. We are still amazed at how many such occasions there are, from birthdays to weddings to baby showers to… well, you name it. And, of course, a gift of delightfully delicious handmade treats for Christmas or New Year’s is always a thoughtful gift.

In our north woods kitchen you’ll find only one kind of dessert. The best kind.

Consider our fudge. There’s chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge, rum fudge, peppermint fudge, eggnog fudge, and the list goes on an on. We also make the most delicious banana bread you can imagine unless you have a wonderful, active imagination. It’s Grandma’s banana bread on steroids with a layer of fudge that fills the entire middle. And our cinnamon nuts are the best around!

Why do we create everything by hand? Because making gourmet treats is an art form and we are proud to call ourselves artists. Because gourmet desserts put the finishing touch on wonderful, family meals. Because, after years of being told, “you should sell these sinfully delicious treats and desserts” we are doing precisely that. The result of that decision is that now you, too, can enjoy what our family and friends have enjoyed for years.

We now also have an Etsy shop where we present special offers. Check it out and see what’s available.  Or look through the products on this site to see what’s here.




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